Digital Edge, through different platforms, in-house developed and global representation will enable you to optimize your operation to drive productivity, better utilize data analytics to win your consumer at the next POP (point of purchase)

• Improving Customer Service

Yet, how are you going to achieve that if you haven’t established the right metric to measure the efficiency of your Field Force Team?

• Maximizing Coverage & Enhancing Distribution

Yet, how are you going to maximize your coverage, and increase your distribution if you remain doubtful about the existing universe of outlets?

• Engaging your customer

Yet, how are you going to engage with your customer, understand and analyze his behavior when he is out of your reach?

Established in Poland in the year 2000 with +200 engineers on board, and system deployed in +80 countries.
eLeader is one of the world’s top mobile business software vendors that delivers advanced business solutions to help companies manage their field activities more effectively and increase productivity of their teams.
eLeader offers 2 solutions through Digital Edge
– MOBILE VISIT is the first world-class mobile FFM/ SFA/ CRM solution built for smartphones, and is rated as the most mature on the market.
– SHELF RECOGNITION, the latest technology within the FMCG industry to measure on shelf out of stock, MSL planogram and contract implementation through a snapshot from a smartphone with the highest rate of product recognition.
Digital Edge is the exclusive representative of eLeader products across the Middle East & Egypt.

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Speeding the FMCG industry with a digital push.
S2S, a Digital Edge developed concept aims at establishing a direct link between retailers and manufacturers.
The new digital tool will allow distributors to set a first-time measure for their customer service.
Improve the SPEED TO SERVE your customer. To improve your product availability; 2 SELL MORE

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Retail 360, a Digital Edge developed solution.
A personalized in-store digital tool that enable shoppers to create their own grocery shopping list and Manufacturer to engage with them at the POP

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